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First the worst, second the best. Part I

Hi readers, Sam here talking about a good but of fun me and Damien are having with each others armies.

The other week Damien challenged me to write the worst list that I could using one of my armies (chaos marines being the obvious choice here) whilst he does the same thing with one of his (orks). Then we both swap armies and see what happens. I thought this was a great idea and the following game developed. Now this is part one of the game analysis and mini batreps with us doing the complete oposite in a few weeks. Writing the best lists with the same armies and swapping again. I hope you enjoy reading this post and if you would like to see more like this then please let us know.
Sam's chaos space marine list Now I wanted to sink as many points into the army as I could. Therefore every unit has mark of slaanesh and veterans of the long war.
Hq Abbadon the despoiler
Chaos lord Slaanesh Black mace Murder sword Sigil of corruption Aura of dark glory Spell familiar Combat familiar Ter…

Marvel miniatures BatRep

Sam here with a marvel miniatures photo batrep.
This is my first post of this kind so please let me know how you find it. There will be a lot more like it so I hope you enjoy! This is my 4th Game and Cats second so please leave comments if you notice us do anything out of the ordinary or any advice on what we could do differently.
The board The game will be played on a 3-3 shipyard board with terrain from TTCombat on the dining room table for now. I need to get hold of a 3-3 mat so that Marvel games are easier in the future.
The teams Xmen vs Xmen.  Girls (and pool) vs boys (minus wolverine)
Cat's crew consists of  Jean Grey, Emma Frost, Rogue and Deadpool

My crew consists of Magneto, Cyclops, Collosus and Gambit
The mission We are playing the mission that can be found in the XMen starter set. One team in the centre and another around the outside. The table left plenty of room for deployment.
Deployment I started in the middle and Cat with a much more mobile force deployed around the outside lik…

30k apoc

Sam here. Today Jamie From Six Up Save hosted a 30k apocalypse game at Worcester wargames. The mission was simple, at the end of your movement place a flag on a piece of terrain you are on. Red for traitors, blue for loyalist. At the end of the game he who has the most flags wins. Only 6 people could attend in the end but it was a lot of fun.Here were the players
Sam with his Iron Warriors Jamie with his Blood Angels Damien with his Word Bearers Dave with his mechanicum Mike with his Death Guard Andy with his Ultrasmurfs
We each brought 4K and deployed dawn of war style on a 12 foot table. The terrain was split into wasteland either side of a city.

Traitors got turn one and began to rain fore down upon the enemy. 
By the end of turn two all knights bar the atrapos were dead and the real fighting could begin!
The Archeron and Paladin having a high five of death! Turn three saw a lot of combat, with primarchs hitting squads and basilisks deleting squad after squad.  End of game saw not much left. W…