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Matts Deathwatch! ....Ortan Cassius

Hello again everyone! Back at it with another deathwatch that has been chilling on my desk for a while. Soon after painting the Blood Raven librarian Jensus I was really wanting to get some more of the deathwatch team done. So next up I decided I will have ago at the great Chaplain Ortan Cassius.
First up we shall start with his lore!
Not much is known of Ortans early life, only that he was a potent warrior born into the Ultramarine chapter and was soon inducted into the office of the Chaplain to best make best use of this ferocious power in the field. Battle after battle Ortan's fame grew for a devote warrior to the ultramarine chapter, some of his most famed moments is his time serving in the deathwatch to purge Ghosar Quintus of Genestealer cults. Its rare to hear of a Chaplain to lead a deathwatch but Ortan is no ordinary marine.
Ortan left the deathwatch after his purge of Ghosar Quintus and rejoined his chapter on Macragge to fight alongside his chapter master Marneus Cal…

The Story of Shas'O Vior'la Shovah Kais Mont'yr Better Know As Commander Farsight

Welcome to The Story of Shas'O Vior'la Shovah Kais Mont'yr, better Know As Commander Farsight. I have been eager to run a narrative campaign chronicling the life and adventures of my favourite 40K character, Commander Farsight.
So this blog post is intended as an intro into 7 games that will tell the tale of this extraordinary Tau warrior. 6 of these games will be based off the official 'fluff' from the Codex Supplement: Farsight Enclaves and the last game is more of a labour of love, which is only loosely based in the 'fluff'.
This narrative campaign is intended to run over the next year as each game will take time to prep and play. But below I have detailed an outline of the campaign. I hope you enjoy each update as much as I will making them along with my fellow Six Up Save friends.

Chapter 1 - The Arkunasha War
O'Shovah's first true command saw him reinforce the Tau population of Arkunasha as they faced the greenskin menace for the first time. Wi…

Matts Deathwatch! .... Jensus Natorian

Howdy everyone!

Recently picked up the deathwatch half of the overkill box! (well done GW I want to see more of this sort of thing!)

So I was staring at the new shiny sprue and thinking which do I want to paint first .... soon after angels of death hit and I needed a quick librarian so Jensus the blood raven was the obvious choice to start with.


So who is Jensus and how did he find himself a member of the unique deathwatch. Well like many great heroes Batman, Harry Potter, Bambi ... Jensus story starts with dead parents. At the moment he lost his parents to the Ork Waaaaghhh Guttsplitta his psychic ability awoke and a blood bath ensued tearing apart greenskins with his bare hands!

Jensus was soon spotted by the black ships of the inquisition and endanger of become a mindless psychic slave to the Imperium of man, but was saved by an inquisitor by the name of Belicor. Belicor made sure that Jensus was enlisted in the the Blood Raven chapter and monitored his progress …